Auto Transport to NevadaThe state of Nevada is a largely semiarid desert home to just 2.7 million residents; of those, almost two-thirds live in Clark County (the home of Las Vegas, the state’s largest city), while almost all the rest live in Washoe County (home to Reno). This is rather interesting considering the fact that Nevada is the 7th largest state in the Union, and because of its size and lack of major population centers other than Las Vegas and Reno, auto transport services into and out of Nevada are relatively limited. This is not just due to the lack of major populated areas; transportation routes into and out of the state are also quite limited, and with no major north-south interstates running through Nevada shippers are forced onto two main interstates, I-15 and I-80.

I-15 is technically a north-south interstate, but it only services the southernmost portion of Nevada and runs more northeast-southwest than anything else. It provides access to Las Vegas from California and Utah, with only a few miles cutting through the northwestern corner of Arizona. As an auto transport route it’s a bit more expensive because once you get into eastern California there’s basically a whole lot of nothing until you get into Vegas, and once you go east out of Vegas there’s a whole lot of nothing until really you get into the Salt Lake City metro area, a good 500 miles away – that’s a two-day trip for most shippers, and without that many places to stop they either have to plan their route just right to maximize the money they make or else risk taking a loss – which can sometimes mean the difference between staying afloat and going under for an auto transport carrier.

Their other option when heading through Nevada is I-80, which runs through the northern Nevada, particularly Reno. I-80 is a bit more popular because the trip from Sacramento to Reno is only a few hours at most, but once past Reno it’s a tough sell for many shippers because they’re going to have to travel through basically what amounts to a barren, deserted landscape for three hundred miles or so before they get into Elko, a town in northern Nevada home to about 18,000 – and that’s the biggest city between Reno and Salt Lake City, which sit roughly 500 miles away. So as you can see, prices will likely be higher into or out of Nevada because there are so few major cities to get to or from and no easy way through the state without committing to a two-day trip either way. Shippers will run routes into or out of Nevada, but likely at higher prices – and it will likely take your shippers longer to find one willing to do it at all. You can learn more about Nevada via this link.

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