Auto Transport to NebraskaThe state of Nebraska currently sits as the 16th largest state in the Union in terms of total area, yet ranks just 37th in terms of population and 43rd in population density. It was originally a territory and was admitted to the Union in 1867. Much of Nebraska’s early expansion was due to the California Gold Rush, and then in later years the Homestead Act would bring many settlers to the state. Nebraska, being just north of Kansas in the heart of the Grain Belt, is a major contributor to the country’s food output, and as such much of the state is decidedly rural outside of a few major metro areas such as Omaha and Lincoln. This rural makeup does make it more difficult for auto shippers looking to transport vehicles in and out of the state, as fewer people tend to ship their vehicles to or from Nebraska.

It helps that there are a couple major interstates that run through Nebraska, the most popular of which is I-80, an east-west interstate that runs through the southern part of the state, servicing both Omaha and Lincoln. There are some major cities along I-80, but it’s more popular in the eastern U.S. as there are far more cities in a much smaller area that shippers can get into and out of; in the west, it’s very spread out, with hundreds of miles separating major metro areas at times along I-80. This can increase the price a bit for shipping in or out of Nebraska, though if you’re shipping from the eastern U.S. you may see prices be a bit lower than from the west, as shippers don’t have to go so far or go through long stretches of no pickups or deliveries.

I-29 services eastern Nebraska, though it doesn’t actually run through the state at all – it runs up Nebraska’s entire eastern border, through northwestern Missouri, western Iowa and southeastern South Dakota, but never passes into Nebraska proper. This of course means that any transporters running up and down I-29, a north-south interstate, would have to either connect with I-80 outside of Omaha and head into Nebraska that way, or else avoid the state altogether unless they plan on running routes along smaller state routes (which they generally don’t do). This can make it more expensive to ship into the interior of the state, particularly from the south, as there is no real way shippers can get to many smaller cities in the state. Learn more about the state by visiting Nebraska’s official website here.

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