Auto Transport to MontanaThe state of Montana is located in the Western United States, bordering North and South Dakota to the east, Wyoming to the south, Idaho to the west, and Canada to the north. It is the 4th-largest state in terms of total area, yet ranks 44th among the 50 states in terms of population and 48th in population density. The state has a population just barely over one million residents, and its largest city, Billings, has a population of just 104,000, roughly a tenth of the entire state. Much of Montana is open prairie in the east, with some rocky areas in the north-central areas. The western part of the state is almost entirely mountains, mainly chains that belong to the larger Rocky Mountains. Overall Montana is not the easiest state to ship to or from, as it has a lot of things that shippers like to avoid, but it’s also not impossible to get a vehicle to or from there either. Keep reading to find out more.

To start, Montana’s western ranges make it difficult to get through the state going east-west, with Interstate 90 really the only way to get through those northern Rocky Mountains. The interstates are where auto transporters like to stay, as that’s the only way to get from one state to another (hence the term “interstate”). But it’s more than just that – a route’s price depends on a lot of factors, particularly how populated the route in question is and how many people are moving along it at the same time you are. Montana has a couple interstate including I-15 and I-94 that all connect somewhere in the state, but the problem is that there’s so few people living there that rarely are there enough loads into or out of Montana to make any money off of. And that’s the key when it comes to the car shipping industry – money.

When you’re transporting to or from Montana, you’ll find that prices are going to be quite higher per-mile than other areas of the country and even more so if you’re shipping in or out of the smaller, more isolated areas of Montana (i.e. not Billings or Bozeman). Though Montana’s major metro areas aren’t really “major” in the true sense of the word, they’re the only cities within a hundred miles or so in any direction and they’re going to be easier to get to or from than anything in the boonies of northern or western Montana. This is why it can also be harder to even find shippers willing to move in or out of Montana, and those that are willing usually are only willing to do if the price you’re willing to pay is high enough. That’s the type of market it is, unfortunately; sometimes it works great, and sometimes it’s a pain. But it’s the way goes, and really when you look at it it’s not surprising – would you want to drive out to the middle of nowhere to pick up a car just to lose money on the trip? It’s expensive to go through areas not a lot of people are moving in and out of, because with that you run the risk of empty spots on the truck. Usually these are fine for quick stretches, but in Montana there are no quick stretches of road pretty much anywhere, so fuel gets more expensive and it gets harder to maintain the vehicle while they’re out in the middle of nowhere. Learn more about Montana here.

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