Auto Transport to MissouriThe state of Missouri is currently ranked 21st among the 50 states in terms of total area, yet ranks 18th in total population and 30th in population density. Population density is a great metric for determining the popularity of an area when it comes to the auto transport industry, but Missouri’s is somewhat skewed as the population density of the state is much lower than the population of its major cities would indicate. Missouri only has a population of six million, though much of the population resides in one of four major urban areas: Saint Louis, to the west; Kansas City, to the west; Springfield, to the south; or Columbia, in the middle. By far the largest city in the state is Kansas City, though Saint Louis is also a major metropolitan area that sits clear on the other side of the state.

Missouri has long played a role in the expansion of the United States. It was the start of the Oregon Trail and the Pony Express and was widely considered to be the last bastion of civilization during the mid-to-late 19th century. This is a role that Missouri has continued to play today, as it has several major interstates that run through it, especially I-70 which connects Saint Louis in the east with Kansas City in the west. This is one of the most prominent interstates in the entire U.S. and is a vital part of Missouri’s infrastructure. But it’s a big state, and I-70 isn’t the only east-west interstate in it. There’s also I-44, which runs southwest from Saint Louis and is the main access road for Springfield, though it runs clear through Oklahoma City and into Wichita Falls, Texas.

There are also two north-south oriented interstates that service both the western and eastern borders of the state. I-49 is a smaller interstate that actually doesn’t go across state lines; it runs from its terminus with I-44 near Springfield north to Kansas City and its connection to I-70. On the eastern border Saint Louis is serviced by I-55, which is a much more prominent interstate than I-49 as it runs from New Orleans (or near enough) all the way to Chicago, connecting with almost every prominent east-west interstate along the way. This gives shippers access to many parts of Missouri including smaller cities that may not be the most popular locations to ship to and from. You can learn more about Missouri by visiting the state’s official website.

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