Auto Transport to MinnesotaThe state of Minnesota currently ranks 12th in the U.S. in terms of total area as well as 21st in terms of total population and 31st in population density. Its largest city is Minneapolis and its capital is Saint Paul, which together make up the Twin Cities – a major metropolitan area in eastern Minnesota and the center for business, trade, government and finance for the entire state of Minnesota. The state is ethnically diverse and known for its high rates of happiness among its populace, high civic participation and voter turnout, and is the home of an internationally-famous art community. Minnesota is primarily composed of prairies to the west of the Twin Cities and is the northernmost state in the U.S., which can actually hamper auto transport services in and out of the state.

As Minnesota’s only major metro area, really, is the Twin Cities, most car transporters will run routes primarily through there, and this is made easier by the fact that a major north-south interstate, I-35, makes its way right through the heart of the metro area. Minneapolis isn’t the most popular of auto transport locations, but because of its size it routinely sees people going in and out of the area, whether they are moving cars, moving their stuff, or both, and because of this it forces more shippers to run routes to and from the area. Typically in the summer is when the most shippers are running routes to and from Minnesota, again primarily Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and during the summer and early fall is likely when you’ll see the best rates to and from Minnesota.

I-94 is the main east-west interstate that runs through Minnesota and this is a bit less popular for auto shippers, particularly in the winter months when the snows start really falling. Minnesota, being so far north, is prone to some severe snow – so much so that the Minnesota Vikings, who play in Minneapolis, actually saw the roof of their stadium collapse under the weight of the snow accumulated on top a few years ago. Auto shippers don’t like running in or out of places that routinely see a lot of snow, and this includes the Minneapolis metro area. There are some that undoubtedly will go there in the winter, but chances are they’re going to charge you a bit more for the effort during the winter than the summer. Also, expect longer pickup windows in or out of most areas of Minnesota during the winter. Read more about Minnesota via the state’s official website.

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