Auto Transport to MichiganThe state of Michigan currently ranks 11th in the U.S. in terms of total area, 9th for total population and 17th for population density. Its largest city is Detroit, with a population of over 694,000 residents, though its capital is Lansing, about a hundred miles west. Detroit in particular has helped shape the entire state of Michigan, first as a major agricultural area and then basically the home of the American automobile industry during the mid-20th century. During the 1970’s and 1980’s the city of Michigan saw a steep rise in crime following the steady flow of people out of the inner city; as more and more people left, Detroit slowly devolved into a shadow of its former self, and the state of Michigan slowly followed.

But all is not lost. Michigan is still a vibrant and bustling state, and much of its agricultural communities are intact. One of the things that the automotive industry brought to Michigan was a well-built infrastructure; with so many vehicles rolling off factory assembly lines at the height of the automotive boom, they had to get to all parts of the country, and as such Michigan enjoys an extensive system of roads. Detroit is perhaps the easiest and cheapest city to ship in and out of, given its size, but also because I-75 rolls right through the entire Detroit metro area. I-75 is a popular transportation corridor through the eastern Midwest and connects Detroit to many major metro areas south of it including Cincinnati, Atlanta and Tampa. It runs north of Detroit as well, through areas like Saginaw and Flint, and is a popular international auto transport route as well, given that it runs right to the Canadian border and is one of the few crossing areas in Michigan.

Aside from I-75 is I-94, an east-west interstate that services Detroit and many of the smaller areas along the way to Chicago. I-94 is a popular east-west interstate through the area, particularly because of its connection to Chicago, another major transportation hub in the Great Lakes region. In the winter you may find it more expensive and more difficult to find transportation services in or out of Michigan, as that’s the hardest time of the year for shippers in terms of weather. Michigan sees quite a bit of snow during the winter months, particularly up north, and snow is not a friend to the auto transport companies out there on the road running routes through it. They avoid snow where possible, though some will defy convention and run into snowy area despite the risks to life and load. Michigan, like many northern states, sees higher transportation rates in and out of many areas during the winter, though on the whole it’s a lot easier to move through Michigan in the winter than many other northern areas of the U.S. such as New England. Learn more about Michigan here.

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