Auto Transport to MarylandThe state of Maryland was originally one of the 13 colonies to rebel against Great Britain during the American Revolution, and was the seventh state to ratify the Constitution. Though it ranks 42nd in terms of total area, it ranks 19th in total population and 5th in population density, the last of which is perhaps one of the most important metrics in the auto transport industry. It is the home of Baltimore, its largest city, and part of the state was actually used to create the District of Columbia. Much of the state’s recent growth has been in the suburbs around Washington, D.C., in the southern parts of the state, as many people live in the suburbs and commute into the District for work, primarily at government jobs. You can learn more about the state of Maryland by visiting its official website, located here.

I-95 is the main north-south interstate that services Maryland and the District of Columbia which it borders. It runs a bit east of the District itself but that whole area is chock full of routes that auto shippers can use to get around, and there are several auxiliary interstates in southern Maryland that carriers can sometimes use to move freight around the metro area, but typically they’ll stick to I-95. The interstate runs right through Baltimore as well, and as Baltimore is not only the largest city in the state but also a major port for international shipping it does indeed see a lot of auto transportation traffic on a near-daily basis. I-95 is a crucial interstate not just for auto transport but for basic commuting and travel as well as for other logistical enterprises, as it connects almost every major city along the eastern seaboard on its route from Miami to the Canadian border north of Maine.

I-70 is the main east-west interstate that runs through Maryland. Though not as heavily traveled as I-95, it is still a primary interstate and is used primarily by shippers to get into and out of the more rural parts of the Maryland panhandle. I-70 services Hagerstown in particular, a larger city in the western part of the state that also has several other major interstates that go through it, making it more popular with shippers as well as easier to get into and out of. I-270, an auxiliary of I-70 proper, runs from roughly the Washington, D.C. area northwest to Hagerstown as well, allowing carriers access to much of inland Maryland, including cities such as Rockville, Germantown and Frederick.

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