Auto Transport to MaineThe state of Maine currently ranks as the 39th largest state in the U.S. in terms of total area as well as 41st in terms of population. Located at the northeastern corner of the country, Maine is relatively isolated geographically, which has hampered its population growth since it became a state in 1820. Much of the state’s population centers are located along Interstate 95, which was built through most of the major metro areas including Portland, Augusta and Bangor. Maine sees relatively little auto transport traffic because of how small the state’s population is; it currently sits at over 1.3 million in the entire state.

As mentioned, Interstate 95 is the only major interstate that runs through Maine. The lack of major routes is primarily because of the lack of major metropolitan areas in the state; it’s largest city, Portland, has a population of just 66,000, while its metro area has just over half a million residents (518,000 roughly). These two factors are actually quite important when it comes to price and carrier availability, as car shippers don’t like running routes through sparsely populated areas, which unfortunately makes up much of Maine. However, I-95 is one of the most heavily-traveled interstates in the country, which generally means that – if the price is right – almost any auto shipping company that runs routes along I-95 will go up to Maine. It will help tremendously if you ship to or from an area such as Portland, as not only as it the largest city in the state but it’s also not that far from the Boston metropolitan area.

One of the biggest things that you will need to be aware of is the fact that Maine sees brutal winters almost every year, especially in the more northern regions such as areas north of Bangor. Snow is one of the worst things an auto transport driver can endure, as it makes the roads treacherous even for a truck that’s carrying ten cars and weighs a whole lot more. During the winter prices into and out of many areas of Maine will likely be substantially higher for this reason, as only the shippers equipped and trained to handle the snow are going to be able to get through it. We recommend talking to your car transport agent about the cost and availability of a shipper if you are looking for winter transport into or out of Maine. You can also learn more about the state by visiting Maine’s official website.

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