Auto Transport to KentuckyThe state of Kentucky ranks 32nd in the U.S. among the fifty states in terms of total area and also ranks 26th and 22nd for population and population density, respectfully. The state is home to 4.3 million residents, many of which live in either Louisville or Lexington, the two largest cities in the state. Though it’s not often thought of in terms of transportation and logistics, the state of Kentucky has played a surprisingly large role in the growth and expansion of the United States throughout its history, and still plays an important role in transportation and logistics today, though perhaps not so much come car transportation. Though Kentucky has several stretches of major interstates running through it, the interstates that go through it aren’t necessarily the most popular when it comes to car shipping, which can lead to higher prices into or out of many areas of Kentucky.

I-64 is the only east-west interstate to service Kentucky, and unfortunately it only runs through the northern part of it – and it’s not all that popular to begin with. Though it runs from Virginia Beach west to Saint Louis, it passes through some pretty long stretches of nothingness and only has a few major metro areas along the way. This deters shippers as it costs more to run along routes with few major metropolitan areas because a) it’s a lot of driving without stopping and b) the places they stop aren’t likely to have any new customers, which means no loads and no pay. This is a major reason why shippers running through Kentucky will typically stick to the north-south interstates, as they are a bit more popular and populated.

I-75 is the main north-south interstate, passing through eastern Kentucky and servicing Lexington and some smaller cities along the way. I-75 runs from Miami, through Tampa, up into Atlanta and Chattanooga and then into Kentucky. The biggest problem with this route is the long gap between Chattanooga and Lexington – it’s a two-day stretch of almost no major cities, which as mentioned isn’t necessarily a great thing for a shipper. Many still run the route because of the cities along it – it continues into Cincinnati, Toledo and Detroit and is a major lifeline between the two parts of the country. I-65 also runs through Kentucky, connecting Louisville and Bowling Green with cities such as Mobile, Birmingham, Nashville, Indianapolis, and Chicago together in a straight line. I-64 does connect the two interstates together, giving shippers more options in terms of route planning, which helps mitigate the costs somewhat. On the whole Kentucky is not the hardest state to ship into, but it’s not like it’s California either. You can learn more about the state by visiting Kentucky’s official website for more information.

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