Auto Transport to IndianaThough it ranks 38th in the U.S. in terms of total area, Indiana’s population of 6.5 million is good enough for 16th largest in the country among the 50 states, as well as 16th for population density, one of the most important statistics in determining a state or city’s auto transport popularity. Indiana has long played a major role in the development of the country’s infrastructure, and its rich diversity in terms of its economic output allows it to maintain growth along with the U.S. economy, which it closely mirrors. Home to several major metropolitan areas including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Bloomington, and Terre Haute, the state of Indiana also has several major interstates that run through it, which aids in keeping auto transportation prices low and availability of an auto shipper relatively high.

I-80 is the main east-west interstate that services northern Indiana, particularly South Bend and Gary, which sit near the border. Throughout the area I-80 is a popular route, though it gets less popular the further west you go, as the metro areas open up into farmland in Iowa and South Dakota. It helps that I-65 runs from Gary – which itself is just southeast of Chicago, one of the most important and popular auto transport locations in the entire region – down to Indianapolis (and continues down south into Alabama, ultimately connecting with I-10 in Mobile), as it connects the northern interstates that run through Chicago and that metro area with Indianapolis – which in turn connects them to just about everywhere else.

Indianapolis has no less than five different primary interstates running through it or terminating somewhere in its metropolitan area. I-70 runs east-west, I-65 goes north-south into Chicago as mentioned, I-69 connects the city to Fort Wayne in the northeast and continues north into Central Michigan. I-74 connects northwestern Illinois with Indianapolis as well, passing through the city on its way into Cincinnati. In other words, Indiana truly lives up to its nickname as the Crossroads of America – with five different interstates intersecting in the city and all five running to different areas of the country, auto transporters have a variety of different places to go, and any scheduling changes that occur while they’re sitting in Indianapolis are easy to deal with and rearrange. Ultimately, you’ll probably see the lowest Indiana auto transport costs if you’re moving into or out of Indianapolis, or at least one of its surrounding neighborhoods, and you’ll likely find that pickup windows will be shorter if shipping in or out of the city as well. You can read more about the state of Indiana by visiting their official website here.

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