Auto Transport to IdahoThe state of Idaho ranks 39th in the U.S. for total population among the 50 states and ranks 44th in population density – this means that there’s a lot of space in Idaho and not a lot of people living there, but the population density points more toward the fact that there are few major metropolitan areas in the state that are popular with auto transporters. Isolated in the Pacific Northwest region, sandwiched between Washington and Montana, Idaho sees little transport traffic due to relatively little demand for services into and out of the state, which in turn causes longer pickup windows and higher prices for service. That’s not to say that there’s not anything available into or out of Idaho; in this article we’ll discuss some of the ways you can save time and money when transporting a vehicle to or from the state.

For starters, it helps the cause that there are two major east-west interstates that run through Idaho, one running through the smaller northern section and the other servicing the southern parts of the state. The northern interstate, I-90, is the longest interstate in the U.S. at 3,101 miles, and runs from Boston to Seattle in more or less a straight line, providing transportation services in 13 separate states from coast to coast. Like most east-west interstates, I-90 is popular in pockets, but the entire length is not something many transporters will run, and the fact that where it goes in Idaho – specifically, through Coeur d’Alene, a city of 45,000 residents – and how few major cities surround it make it less than stellar and really not a profitable run. This makes routes into and out of northern Idaho much more expensive to get transport services into and out of.

The southern route is Interstate 84, which is a smaller route that runs from Portland, Oregon east to Salt Lake City, Utah, passing through several larger cities in Idaho such as Boise and Twin Falls. It runs roughly southeast from where it enters in western Idaho until it turns south a few miles east of the small town of Burley. From there, it heads into Salt Lake City. I-84 is not an incredibly popular interstate for auto transporters for several reasons: one, it’s short, and runs through few major metropolitan areas; and two, there are no connections to other major interstates until they get into south-central Idaho – in other words, in the middle of nowhere. This lack of access means lack of options, and with few people demanding transportation services through that area as is, it’s not surprising that prices would be higher for transportation into and out of Idaho. It also doesn’t help that there is no major interstate connecting I-90 and I-84, making cross-route travel more difficult; it does help a bit that there is a state route that allows transporters access, but it goes through relatively harsh terrain with few stops for pickup or delivery along the way. For more about the state of Idaho, you can visit their official website here.

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