Auto Transport to HawaiiThe island of Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, but did you also know that auto transport to or from the island is available if you are moving to or from Hawaii instead of just vacationing there? It’s a bit more complicated to move a vehicle to or from Hawaii as opposed to within the contiguous United States, but people every day search for auto transporters that can move their vehicle to or from the island, and that is also something that we here at All Pro Auto Transport can help you with. Read more about how transport to or from Hawaii works and what’s in store for you when you start searching for transport services for your vehicle.

Transporting a vehicle to or from Hawaii is going to be more expensive than shipping it across the country, on average, because Hawaii auto transport services must be provided by overseas transport as there are no overland routes to or from the island (as it’s an island). Therefore, only port shipping companies are able to transport goods to or from the island, and this includes vehicles. When transporting your vehicle to Hawaii, you can drive your vehicle to the port in Long Beach, California yourself, but most people can’t make the trip, so they hire a shipping company to take their car to the port where it will be loaded onto an overseas cargo ship and sent to Hawaii.

This is the primary method of transporting a vehicle from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii. Regardless of where your vehicle is, a shipping company will be able to find a carrier to move it to the port for you and then the port will take care of the rest. You will need to receive the vehicle from the port in Hawaii, however, as there are no carriers in Hawaii that will move it to the port for you. It goes the same if you’re transporting to the mainland from Hawaii – you’ll have to take your vehicle to the port, then the port shipping company will ship it to the mainland and a carrier (if needed) will pick your vehicle up from the port in Long Beach and deliver it wherever you want it to go.

This entire process can take anywhere from two to three weeks, so be sure that you budget and plan accordingly before undertaking such an endeavor. Being without your primary mode of transportation for two weeks or more is not an easy task, so be sure you have another way to get around for a bit while you’re waiting to get your vehicle. If you’re interested in getting your vehicle shipped, fill out our free online quote request form or give us a call and speak to one of our live agents. They can answer any questions you may have and help you get free auto transport quotes, direct you to sites of interest where you can get even more information about auto transport, and much more. You can call our toll-free telephone number at 877-622-6100 for more information and to speak to a live representative who can answer any questions you may have as well as get you on the road to a great auto transport experience.