Auto Transport to GeorgiaThe state of Georgia currently ranks as the 8th most populous state in the U.S., with the city of Atlanta being the capital and largest city. As it sits just north of Florida, one of the busiest and most popular auto transport locations in the country, it’s not surprising that Georgia sees a lot of auto transportation traffic as well, particularly through Atlanta, as it is not only the largest city in the state but also a major transportation hub. Atlanta has always been a major transportation location – whether by plane or rail or overland, Atlanta has been a contributor to the transportation networks of the United States. More recently the city’s manufacturing sector has been growing steadily, which has helped the city continue to grow and develop.

I-20 is the main east-west interstate that runs through Georgia, mainly because it runs through Atlanta. The biggest problem with transporting vehicles into or out of Georgia is the fact that outside of Atlanta, there are few major metro areas that carriers can routinely stop in and refill their truck space. This can make it a bit more expensive to ship to cities that aren’t Atlanta, especially if you’re coming from the western U.S. Cities such as Rome and Albany, which sit along state routes, don’t have any connection to the interstate nearby; therefore, carriers would have to go out of their way in order to get vehicles to or from those cities, which costs them more money and fuel and most of the time just isn’t worth it.

The same goes if you’re shipping from the northern parts of the U.S., particularly around the Great Lakes. I-75 is the main north-south interstate that (you guessed it) passes through Atlanta, but it also runs through cities like Macon and Valdosta. Those aren’t incredibly popular locations, to be sure, but they are a sight bigger than anything along I-20 between Atlanta and Augusta. This makes I-20 actually less popular than I-75, as I-75 not only runs through Atlanta and those other cities but it connects to major metro areas like Tampa and Cincinnati. I-20 does as well, but the big stretch in eastern Georgia doesn’t help the cause – chances are they’ll re-route to another area unless they have a pickup or delivery in Augusta or somewhere smaller along the way. You can read more about the state of Georgia by visiting its official website here.

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