Auto Transport Tips for a Ford RangerThe Ford Ranger was a compact pickup truck first introduced by the Ford Motor Company in 1982 for the 1983 model year. The Ranger actually was first conceived in 1976 when Ford was looking at bringing a smaller, more economical pickup truck to the market that was capable of doing much of what the larger F-Series trucks could do. The Ranger was a solid seller for Ford for a number of years, and went through four different facelifts before finally being retired in 2011. The Ranger remained a relatively strong seller for the company until its retirement, and for as long as it was around the Ranger continued to be a compact pickup truck that could handle just about anything you threw at it.

Typically pickup trucks are going to be more expensive than standard cars to ship because they’re larger, typically longer, and weigh a lot more. These are major factors when it comes to auto transport, especially a pickup truck, and some of the larger pickups out there can cost an arm and a leg to ship because of how large they are. This is where shipping a Ford Ranger is actually an advantage over other trucks – because of its smaller size, auto shippers don’t have as hard a time transporting them, which means you end up saving money in the long run. You will likely see a bit higher auto transport prices because of the fact that it is a pickup truck, but it should not be incredibly more than a standard vehicle. You can learn more about the Ford Ranger here as well.