Auto Transport Services to DelawareThe state of Delaware ranks just 45th in the U.S. in total population, yet an astounding 6th in population density. This is because there may not be a lot of people living there, but those that do live relatively close together, all things considered. The state of Delaware is quite an interesting state, at least from an auto transport point of view, because outside of I-95 and Wilmington there’s really not many places that carriers are willing to run routes to. Carriers prefer to stick to interstate highways when compiling and running the routes they travel along, and by staying along interstates they maximize how much money they can make and how quickly they can get from one state to another.

As mentioned, I-95 is the main interstate that runs through Delaware; actually, it’s the only interstate that runs through Delaware, and the biggest problem is that it only runs through the northern part of the state. This means that cities such as Smyrna, Dover, and other cities in the southern parts of Delaware are only accessible via state routes, which makes it that much harder to get vehicles in or out of it. Route 1 is the main artery down into southern Delaware, but the lack of major metro areas – Wilmington is the largest city and metro area in the state, sitting just outside of New Jersey – makes it more expensive and more difficult to find a carrier to take your car to anywhere but Wilmington.

Wilmington is really where the carriers want to go. It sits right along I-95, which itself runs through cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Richmond, Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami – you get the idea. There are a lot of metro areas both north and south of Delaware that carriers will run routes into or out of, and this really makes it easy to find a carrier to transport a vehicle to somewhere around Wilmington if you’re trying to get into Delaware. If you’re shipping on a budget, going to Wilmington is about as cheap as you can get in Delaware, and unless you’re shipping from the middle of nowhere your representative should be able to find a carrier quickly for you, and at a good rate – but that’s into Wilmington. Just about anywhere else in Delaware is going to be a bit more expensive, on the whole. If you want to read more about Delaware, visit the state’s official website.

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