Auto Transport Services to ColoradoThe state of Colorado is the home of Denver, the largest city in the state and home to 634,000 residents, with a metropolitan area that has a resident count of almost 2.6 million; in other words, it’s a fairly large city that many carriers will run routes into or out of. Denver is really the main area for carriers to transport to within Colorado, as both I-70 and I-25 – the two main interstates that run through Colorado – intersect in the heart of the city. Outside of Denver there are several cities that you can ship to fairly easily, which we will detail in the next few paragraphs.

South of Denver sits both Colorado Springs and Pueblo, both of which sit right along I-25. Interstate 25 is the only north-south interstate that runs through Colorado, and this interstate on the whole is not incredibly popular because it does not service many metro areas outside of Colorado. It splits from I-10 in Las Cruces, New Mexico and runs north through some smaller New Mexican cities until getting into Colorado, where it runs through Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver and Fort Collins before heading into Cheyenne, Wyoming, passing through that city and then terminating at I-90 near Casper.

I-70 is the main east-west interstate that runs through Colorado, passing through cities such as Denver and Grand Junction on its way into central Utah. I-70 is a popular interstate east of Kansas City, which Colorado most definitely is not. Through Colorado, the stretch of I-70 runs through a lot of nothing until it hits Denver, and then after Denver a whole lot of mountains until it gets to Grand Junction. Carriers are more willing to run along I-70 through Colorado during the summer months, as the snow levels are a lot higher and the weather is more conducive to quickly getting through the mountains. During the winter, though, large stretches of I-70 can be closed down, especially in the higher elevations of Colorado, which forces carriers onto different routes. This should not affect transport to or from Denver much, as it sits at the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains, but to cities within the mountains and to Grand Junction (coming from the east, anyway) the prices may be higher and the carrier availability much lower. You can read more about the state of Colorado at the official state website as well.

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