Auto Transport Services to ArizonaTransporting a vehicle to Arizona can be either tricky or easy, depending on where you’re transporting your vehicle to exactly (as well as where you’re shipping it from). Many people like to spend winters in Arizona and summers away from Arizona, as the weather is usually pretty brutal in the summer but not that bad come wintertime, and as such the suburbs of Phoenix especially are growing rapidly to take advantage of the seasonal influx. This has created more demand for shippers in and out of the Phoenix and Tucson areas, which definitely helps keep prices lower.

However, that’s not to say that Arizona is the most popular state to transport a vehicle to. It helps that Phoenix and Tucson are becoming more popular auto transport locations, but what really sets the two apart is the difference in size – Phoenix, surprisingly, has over 1.4 million residents and sits along I-10, one of the most popular east-west interstates through the southern U.S. Its metropolitan area has over 4.2 million and includes smaller cities such as Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Sun City and Surprise, which (again, somewhat ironically) are popular auto transport locations.

Tucson is another popular location within Arizona to transport vehicles to, and though its population is only 520,000 residents it too sits along I-10, which makes it easier for carriers running that interstate to drop off a car in Tucson and be on their merry way. However, Tucson’s metro area is just a quarter the size of Phoenix’s, meaning it’s not as popular a transport location as Phoenix, but infinitely more so than Flagstaff.

Flagstaff, Arizona sits north of Phoenix, and is accessible from Phoenix via I-17 – however, I-17 doesn’t go anywhere else but Flagstaff, where it meets up with I-40. The fact that Flagstaff sits along I-40 – albeit in Arizona – does help the cause. I-40 is a popular east-west interstate, like I-10, and some argue is more popular than I-10 for auto shippers, which does mean that transport prices in or out of Flagstaff will be lower thanks to the fact that it’s easier to get to. Also, carrier availability, especially during the late summer, fall and early winter months (basically from July to early December) is when carrier availability to just about anywhere in Arizona is at its highest.

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