Automobile Shipping Tips to PennsylvaniaThe state of Pennsylvania is one of the most historically important states in the U.S. today – many of the founding fathers hailed from Philadelphia, which saw two Continental Congresses meet and help decide the fate of this country over 240 years ago. Home to over 12.7 million residents, Pennsylvania has several major metropolitan areas that auto shippers and auto transport customers are continually going in and out of. With so many areas spread out, the state enjoys a rather sprawling transportation network which allows access to many areas, which in turn helps keep auto transport prices to, from and within the state a bit lower, as it’s easier for auto transporters to get around. Learn more about Pennsylvania by visiting the state’s official site.

Typically the two cheapest cities to ship to will be Pittsburgh, in the west, and Philadelphia, in the east, though it does depend on where you’re shipping from. Philadelphia is the largest city in the state and is one of the most popular auto transport locations in the entire northeast. This is likely where many auto transporters are at least going to stop in within the state, as it sits right along I-95, one of the most prevalent and highly-traveled interstates in the entire country. When transporting your vehicle to Pennsylvania you should talk to your representative about your delivery location and whether or not you may be able to save a bit of money by shipping to a larger city, if you’re going to a rural area. You can learn more about shipping to or from Pennsylvania via this helpful link.