Auto Shipping Services to ArkansasWhen it comes to transporting a vehicle to the state of Arkansas there are some things that you need to be aware of, as they can affect the price you pay and how long it will take to find a carrier to pick your car up. Arkansas is far from the most populated state, and aside from a couple different metro areas there aren’t a lot of places that people are routinely transporting cars to. In this article we’ll discuss some of the different metro areas of Arkansas and how auto shipping services can differ from city to city.

Little Rock is the capital as well as the largest city of the state of Arkansas, yet the city itself only has a population of 193,000 residents; its surrounding metropolitan area is also relatively small, sitting at just 717,000 (in comparison, the Atlanta metro area has 5.4 million residents, though the city proper has just 414,000). These numbers don’t inspire a lot of confidence when it comes to carriers, who would rather run routes in and out of more populated areas. However, there are still carriers willing to run routes in and out of Arkansas, especially Little Rock as it sits along I-40, the most popular interstate transport corridor in the U.S.

Interstates play an important role in state-to-state auto transport services. States with more popular or more highly-traveled interstates, or states that have larger cities that connect to other larger cities, are typically more popular with carriers. Carriers run specific routes; rare is the trucker that just wanders the country aimlessly, and usually their routes will take them along specific interstates. I-40 is a popular one because of how many major metro areas it passes through, and in Arkansas this includes not just Little Rock but also Fort Smith, which while not a major city or metro area does lie square along the route.

Ultimately transportation prices in and out of Arkansas are going to be a bit higher unless you’re shipping from a city that is close or along I-40. I-30 is also an interstate that services Little Rock, but it only runs from Dallas, Texas up to Little Rock before ending abruptly in I-40. So if you’re shipping into Little Rock, it’ll usually be along I-40 unless you’re shipping from Dallas – or find a carrier willing to go to Little Rock by way of Dallas.

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