Auto Shipping Services to AlabamaWhen transporting a vehicle to the state of Alabama there are a few things that you need to know about the state that can affect your auto transport prices and auto shipping services. In this article we’ll discuss the major cities of Alabama, primarily their size and transport popularity, as well as how transport to or from those cities can affect the quotes that you receive as well as carrier availability for transport to or from those metro areas.

The largest city in the state of Alabama is Birmingham, which is located roughly in the center of Alabama (perhaps a bit north). It helps that it’s a larger metropolitan area – there’s close to 213,000 residents there – and that there are several major interstates running through it, including I-20 and I-65, which are both popular interstates for auto transporters operating in the region. I-65 is the major north-south interstate and connects all the major metro areas of Alabama together, which should help keep prices lower when transporting from just about anywhere in the U.S. to Birmingham or other metro areas, such as Montgomery.

Montgomery is the capital of the state of Alabama and also a metro area about the size of Birmingham, though it does not have as much access to it for auto shippers, at least from the west. Carriers transporting to Montgomery will usually take either I-65 or I-85 into the city – I-65 runs from the northern part of the state while I-85 enters from the east and connects Montgomery to Atlanta, Georgia. Montgomery may be a bit more expensive to ship to if you are transporting from most western areas.

The last major metro area within the state of Alabama is Mobile, located near the Gulf of Mexico in the southernmost part of the state. Mobile’s definitely cheapest to ship to when you’re shipping out of the southern states, particularly a city along I-10, which traverses the entire southern U.S. from Florida to California. I-65 also runs into Mobile, and if you’re shipping from a city along I-65 you should see lower prices than from other areas of the country as well.

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