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Auto Transport To New Mexico

The state of New Mexico is a desert state located in the Southwestern United States. Though it is the fifth-largest state by total area, it ranks 36th in total population (which currently sits at just over two million residents), and 45th in total population density. Population density is a crucial statistic when it comes to transporting a vehicle to or from a state, as population density gives a great indicator of how many people live in major metro areas. New Mexico has few major metropolitan areas within it, and most of the state’s population is centered in one of three major cities: Albuquerque, Santa Fe or Las Cruces. This can make transporting a vehicle to or from the state more difficult, as there are few customers actually shipping to or from the major metro areas of New Mexico.


When transporting to or from New Mexico, you’ll likely find that the best prices for both will be when you’re shipping to or from Albuquerque. Albuquerque is the largest city in the state and is located near the middle of New Mexico; this means that every major interstate and transportation corridor in New Mexico runs through Albuquerque, including I-25 and I-40, the two main interstates that run through New Mexico. I-40 is popular for many auto transporters, though in the western parts of the U.S. I-40 can see little customer traffic, which means that car carriers may have to charge more to ship along that route. Prices are flexible only to a point; car carriers still have to make their money and be able to afford to keep their trucks in good repair.


Another area that may be cheaper to transport to or from is Las Cruces, as it sits right along the path of Interstate 10, a major east-west interstate that services the extreme southern parts of the country. I-10 is the most southern interstate and connects California to Florida. Las Cruces isn’t as popular an auto transport location, but because of its location many auto shippers find themselves running routes through the city regardless of if there’s any freight actually going to or coming out of Las Cruces (though typically there is, even if it’s only light traffic). You can score great deals throughout the year for shipments in or out of Las Cruces, provided the other city is a popular one.


New Mexico is not one of the more popular states to ship to or from, but it’s not impossible to find transportation services to or from the state considering that two main east-west interstates traverse it. Still, you should be prepared for higher-than-average pickup times and longer transit times even to the major cities. We recommend not shipping to the smaller areas of New Mexico – cities such as Alamogordo, Silver City and Roswell may be famous in their own right, but not when it comes to auto transportation services. With no easy access other than poorly-maintained state highways, smaller cities that aren’t part of any major metro area will be significantly more expensive and will likely take much longer to actually find auto transport services to or from.

Auto Transport To Maryland

The state of Maryland is the 19th largest in the U.S. in terms of total population, which currently sits at 5.9 million residents, and also ranks 42nd in total area yet 5th in total population density. Located in the Mid Atlantic region of the U.S., Maryland is grouped in with some of the most densely populated states in the Union, particularly Delaware and New Jersey, as it sits in one of the largest population centers in the Western Hemisphere. Maryland has several major cities that are easy to ship to and from, especially Baltimore which anchors a very large metropolitan area. Because of its size and history, Maryland has been known as a rather affluent state, particularly the western areas of the state.


Maryland has several major interstates running through it, but the most important is perhaps Interstate 95, which is one of the most important interstates in the entire country. I-95 runs from Miami all the way north, through no less than sixteen states, all the way up into Maine and into northeastern Canada (New Brunswick, to be precise). It connects some of the largest and most affluent – not to mention popular – cities in the United States, including Richmond, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Trenton and New York City, just to name a few. I-95 gives auto transporters access to more people than some cross-country interstates.


Several other interstates run through Maryland as well, but they are more spurs than major interstate routes that auto shippers can routinely use. I-81, which services much of the western part of Virginia, services Hagerstown in the western Maryland panhandle, but that is really the only city it services in Maryland before heading north into Pennsylvania. I-70 is a major east-west interstate that shippers will actually use frequently when shipping from the western states into Maryland, as it traverses the western Panhandle and runs into Baltimore. These routes can help lower costs on your auto transportation services as well considering that more car carriers will be willing to take loads at more competitive rates due to the ease of access to areas such as Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Areas in the western portions of the state may be more expensive to ship to, particularly if they are rural in nature. Auto shippers have a harder time running routes to rural areas as there are typically fewer customers in the vicinity and therefore they have to drive further for a pickup or dropoff and it may not necessarily be cost effective.


Weather, however, can play a major role in your auto transportation prices, particularly during the winter months as Maryland has been known to experience frozen winters from time to time. Snow in many parts of the state is not uncommon between November and March, though because of its frequency many areas prepare thoroughly for winter weather, and thus it’s easier for car carriers to get in and out of the major metro areas within Maryland. Western Maryland may be more difficult for shippers to traverse, as it’s more rural than the eastern part of the state, so keep that in mind if you’re transporting a vehicle to or from Maryland during the winter months.

Auto Transport To Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as it is formally known, is a state located in the New England region of the United States. Home to over 6.6 million residents, it ranks 14th in the country in terms of total population yet 44th in total area; this results in Massachusetts ranking 3rd in the U.S. in population density, which is an important metric in the car shipping industry as it indicates there are a lot of people in a rather compact area, which means a lot of potential customers for car shippers. The state is home to Boston, the largest city in New England; while Boston may not be the most popular transport area during a lot of the year, it is still fairly popular for auto transporters as well as easy to ship to or from, which is advantageous when searching for auto transport to and from Massachusetts.


The New England states aren’t particularly known for their high population numbers or their popularity in the auto transport industry, but Massachusetts is almost an exception to that, mainly thanks to Boston, the largest city in the state and, as mentioned, the largest in New England. Boston sits on the eastern shores of the state of Massachusetts, and getting to it from the west means traversing Massachusetts, giving car shippers access to a multitude of different areas such as Springfield, Worcester and Cambridge on their way to the big city, via I-90. This means that there tend to be many areas in Massachusetts that are a bit easier to ship to despite not being true major metro areas because they sit right along a major interstate that runs into the largest city in the region.


I-95 is another major interstate that runs through Massachusetts, though north-south oriented as compared to the east-west orientation of I-90, discussed above. I-95 is one of the most important and highly-traveled interstates in the entire country for auto transporters, as it links the major metro areas of eastern Florida together with metro areas from over 15 different states before heading out into Canada via northeastern Maine. I-95 passes through some of the largest metro areas in the country including Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Shipments into Boston and other areas of eastern Massachusetts benefit from all the other major cities along I-95, as it helps keep prices a bit lower due to the higher number of customers in a smaller area.


During the winter months Massachusetts can see some serious winter weather, particularly the northern and western areas. Prices to and from Massachusetts can increase because of the inclement weather, but if you’re shipping down to areas such as Georgia or Florida you may find some good deals thanks to the snowbird migration that happens every year (New Englanders heading south to Florida to avoid the winter weather). Snowbirds are an inevitable part of the winter shipping season, and good deals down south are usually pretty easy to find. Shipments to the more northern parts of the country, particularly the northern Midwest, will likely be the most expensive routes out of Massachusetts due to their low populations and even worse winter weather.