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Auto Transportation Tips to South Dakota

Auto Transportation Tips to South DakotaAre you looking to ship your vehicle into South Dakota? If so, there are a few things you need to know about the state that may affect your transport price as well as the availability of an auto transporter willing to move your vehicle into South Dakota. South Dakota currently ranks as the 17th largest state by area, but 46th in population and population density, meaning there’s not a lot of people actually living in the state itself, and the population density means there aren’t a lot of major metropolitan areas. Combine those two things with the fact that getting into South Dakota via interstate is difficult as well, and you have a recipe for a state that’s going to be expensive to ship into and will likely take a while to find a carrier.

The main reason why South Dakota is so hard and expensive to ship to is the fact that there’s no real major cities. As much of the state is uninhabited, only small pockets of population exist; cities such as Sioux Falls and Rapid City, which sit on the east and west sides of the state, respectively, will likely be the cheapest to ship to or from because they are easy to access and don’t require going too far into the interior of the state. I-90 is the main east-west route and is popular because both Sioux Falls and Rapid City both sit along it. I-29 runs north-south through South Dakota but the problem is that it only really provides access to the eastern edges of the state. This makes it more difficult for shippers to get in and out of South Dakota from the south, particularly the western areas not along I-90. You can learn more about the state here if you’re interested as well.

Auto Transport Tips for an Oldsmobile Cutlass

Auto Transport Tips for an Oldsmobile CutlassThe Oldsmobile Cutlass was a lineup of cars manufactured and sold by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors. First introduced in 1961 as a compact car, the Cutlass came into its own during the 1970’s, with many different Cutlass submodels being introduced around that time. It was also during that time that the construction of the car changed from a unibody design to a body-on-frame one, which many credit for the rise in the Cutlass’ popularity. Much of the car’s popularity began to wane during the 1980’s when the Cutlass’ wheelbase was shortened due to GM changing their main production platform. Today older Cutlasses are extremely popular cars, and a surprisingly large number of people want to get them shipped.

Older Cutlasses – those with the longer wheelbase prior to 1978 – may be a bit more expensive to ship than newer ones because they were longer, larger and heavier than their newer counterparts. Of course the term “new” is relative – we’re talking about a car that’s been out of production for a decade and a half. But because of how popular the car is among car enthusiasts, and how many are shipped on a yearly basis, it’s important to understand some of the dynamics of shipping a Cutlass. The Cutlass has a lot of submodels, particularly ones from the 80’s, so if you have that it would help the cause. Otherwise, the Cutlass is built like any other type of car, and while its weight may be a factor in your price it shouldn’t affect the total all that much.

Auto Shipping Tips for a Dodge Durango

Auto Shipping Tips for a Dodge DurangoThe Dodge Durango is an SUV built by the Dodge Division of Chrysler, and has been a part of the company’s SUV lineup since 1998. The Dodge Durango is currently in its third generation, which was introduced in 2011, the Durango was a strong seller for a number of years despite early concerns about stability through tight cornering and its top-heavy construction. Between 2006 and 2010 the Durango saw a steady decline in sales, but the third generation Durango (pictured at the right) brought the Durango back to the forefront and back in the black. Today sales for the third generation Durango are strong, perhaps not as strong as they were in the mid 2000’s but nonetheless steady. You can learn more about the Durango by visiting this site.

When you are trying to ship your Dodge Durango you may find that it will be a bit more expensive than another cars being shipped on the same route. Do not be surprised by slightly higher auto transport prices for a Durango.  Since the Durango is classified as a sport utility vehicle, it is not only heavier than a car, it’s wider and bigger than a regular car so of course it will be more expensive than a regular car. Those are things that can not be helped and so can only be accepted if you decided to utilize a car shipper. The Durango is not nearly the largest SUV on the market, especially the first two generations which were classified as mid-size SUV’s whereas the third generation (2011 models and newer) Durango are categorized as full-size vehicles. The wheelbase may have changed and lengthened slightly, but that’s not a huge difference and as such there is not a huge size difference among the three generations. The long and the short of it is, if you decide on using an auto shipping company to ensure you are priced accurately for the size of the Durango to ensure it gets placed on an auto transporter’s trailer in a timely manner.

Vehicle Transport Tips for an RV

Vehicle Transport Tips for an RVA recreational vehicle is really a cool thing to have – it’s a home away from home, a home on wheels and a home that you can take wherever you go. Sure, they’re big and bulky and guzzle gas like crazy, but for those of you who enjoy getting out a recreational vehicle enables you to do that and so much more. But what about when you need to move your RV but you don’t want to drive it? Say you’re moving across the country for a new job or something and you need to get your RV to your new home without putting three thousand miles on it. That’s when you’re going to want to consider a vehicle transport company, but they’re big and bulky and hard to drive let alone load onto a car transport truck. The trick, of course, is generally flatbed shipping, as flatbed transport trucks will have the size and capacity to handle something as large as an RV.

Flatbed shipping services are a whole different ball of wax than standard auto transport services and there are a few reasons why. For one, it’s a relatively niche market – there are plenty of flatbed truckers on the road, but far fewer than open shippers or enclosed transporters, which makes it harder to find flatbed transporters quickly. Also, they’re generally more expensive because of how few there are – without as much competition, flatbed carriers can charge more because there’s not really anyone else who will ship an RV. Expect fairly high prices for RV shipping, on the whole, and you should anticipate waiting a bit longer for your auto transport representative to find a carrier for your specific RV. Make sure to have the full dimensions of it as well when gathering quotes so your shippers know exactly what they’re shipping and how big a flatbed they’re going to need.

Shipping Tips for a Motorcycle

Shipping Tips for a MotorcycleAre you planning on shipping your motorcycle sometime soon? Whether you’re shipping a racing bike, a Harley or a custom chopper you built yourself, we’ll be able to get you quotes to transport it. Transporting a motorcycle is a bit different than transporting a standard car or SUV, mainly because a motorcycle is constructed so much differently than a standard automobile. Because of its smaller stature and unique design, a motorcycle brings up unique challenges when transporting it. You can’t put it on the back of an open auto transport truck – how would you secure it? Therefore, many companies automatically can’t ship motorcycles, which means that most motorcycle shipping services are handled by companies that specialize in shipping only motorcycles and other vehicles of the same basic breed (such as ATV’s, jet skis, snomobiles, etc).

Motorcycles typically will be crated prior to being transported. Being shipped inside a specialized crate not only protects the motorcycle from damage, it also secures it better and allows shippers to maximize how much space they have on their truck. This also helps to keep prices lower, as they can fit more motorcycles on a load and therefore can charge less per load and still make the same as a standard auto transport carrier. It also helps that most motorcycles weigh just a fraction of a standard car; easier to maneuver onto and off of the truck, motorcycles bring a few advantages with them over a standard car. It may take a bit longer to find a motorcycle transporter to be able to actually pick it up and ship it – they are not as common as standard shippers, to be sure – but this does not necessarily increase the price like it does with flatbed shipping services, again because more motorcycles can fit on a truck at a time.

Tips For Car Shipping to Denver

Tips for Car Shipping to DenverThe city of Denver is the largest city in the state of Colorado. Home to over 634,000 residents today, Denver has long had a history within the transportation industry. Starting out as a dusty mining town, Denver grew into a prosperous and bustling town and then eventually into a city. It played a major role as a stop during westward expansion, as many settlers stopped in Denver to resupply and reequip for the trek across the Rocky Mountains. Today Denver is a metropolis, a beacon of civilization in the harsh and unforgiving landscape of north-central Colorado, but despite this Denver can still be a pain for auto transporters to get vehicles into and out of. For one, it sits right at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and while I-70 cuts right through Denver and goes over the mountains it’s not all that popular with car shippers – at least in that area – because of the heavy snows.

Denver is serviced by I-25 in terms of north-south access, and while I-25 connects some of the larger cities in the area together it really isn’t all that useful for many  car shippers, which makes Denver a bit more expensive to ship to or from. However, the fact that I-25 connects to several east-west interstates does help auto transporters when it comes to getting around, so some are more willing to travel into Denver via I-25 than others. It really depends on the time of the year; summer prices are generally competitive because popularity with customers goes up which in turn means more auto movers are willing to run there and for cheaper too, considering the number of metro areas surrounding Denver. You can learn more about the city of Denver here.

Miami Auto Transport Tips

Miami Auto Transport TipsThough the city of Miami proper is only home to 400,000 residents, its metro area is home to over 10 times that amount, making it one of the largest metro areas in the country and a major transportation area for not just the auto transport industry but almost every industry that relies on moving freight from one part of the country to the other. Miami is not just a major city in the United States; it is a global city, with financial ties to cities and countries all around the world. Naturally, this makes Miami a popular location for people to move into and out of on a fairly regular basis. During the winter months its population tends to swell with snowbirds – people who spend half their time in the northern parts of the country to take advantage of the cooler summers, then spend winters down in Miami to get away from the brutal winters up in the northern states.

Miami sees a lot of auto transport traffic for this reason alone, but it is popular despite that. It is the southern terminus for one of the most important interstates in the United States, I-95, and connects the city to almost every major metropolitan area in the northeastern parts of the country. You will notice that prices into and out of Miami are generally fairly low – how expensive your shipment into Miami is generally depends on where you are shipping from. Auto transporters can get to or from Miami easily, so long as they can get to I-95 or I-75 easily. I-75 is another north-south interstate that services western Florida, particularly Tampa and Ocala, and connects to I-95 in Miami. This makes it even easier to get into the Miami metro area, which also helps your auto transport price. Read more about Miami at the city’s official website.

Tips for Car Shipping to Maryland

Tips for Car Shipping into MarylandMaryland may not seem like a popular auto transport destination, but it often sees plenty of traffic, particularly the eastern parts of the state where most of the major population centers are concentrated. Maryland ranks 5th among the 50 states in terms of population density, which is a great metric when it comes to weighing the popularity of specific areas of the country in terms of the auto shipping industry. Maryland, of course, also sits just north of Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, and Baltimore, the largest city, only sits about an hour or so north of D.C. That, plus the fact that Baltimore is squarely within the larger Boston-D.C. metroplex makes it one of the most popular car shipping places to ship to or from. Learn more about the state of Maryland here.

I-95 is the main interstate that services eastern Maryland, running north-south along the entire east coast. I-95 is one of the most heavily-traveled interstates in the country and one of the most popular in terms of car shipping services. Every major east-west interstate likes to cross I-95 somewhere, which makes it easy to get into most major cities in the northeastern part of the country. The fact that Maryland sits in the southern parts of the entire metropolis, auto transporters have an easy time getting into and out of the area. Western Maryland is a bit more difficult to ship into or out of, as it is decidedly more rural and less accessible for auto transporters, but it still should not be that much more than shipping into eastern Maryland due to how small the state is – it ranks just 42nd in terms of total area. Read more about car shipping to or from Maryland here.

Why Auto Shipping to Big Cities is Cheaper

Why Shipping to Big Cities is CheaperWhen you are looking to transport a vehicle from one location to another, a big question is: how much it is going to be. Price is generally most customers’ biggest and most influential concern when  deciding on an auto shipping company because this industry is anything but cheap. Therefore, people try to save money everywhere they can, from trying to apply for certain discounts to moving their pickup and delivery locations to better suit the car shippers route. This is a great tactic, because on the whole it is cheaper to ship to larger cities that sit along major interstates. There are a couple different reasons for this, but the biggest one is the fact that by picking up and delivering to major cities, you are not putting any undue strain on the car shipperr to get your vehicle to you. Major cities are always on their routes – they travel along the interstates, so it makes sense. Also, more people ship out of larger cities anyway, so it increases their chances of finding freight if they stick to the large metro areas along their routes.

This is the best thing, really, that you can do to save money come transport time.  Auto shipping to or from more rural areas is possible, but it is going to take more time and of course be more expensive. If the cities you are shipping from and to are off the major interstates, auto shippers have to go out of their way to accommodate you, and that means extra compensation for the extra diesel used. By sticking to major metro areas, they are going to be going in and out of there anyway, so if you are on a budget driving down to a major city to meet your auto transporter can help offset costs by $100 or more. Not only that but it will likely make the shipment faster from pickup to delivery, as they do not have to worry about trying to find out where the heck they need to go in the middle of nowhere just to drop off  one car.

How To Prepare Your Car For A Vehicle Shipping Service

How To Prepare Your Car For A Vehicle Shipping ServiceWhen it comes to transporting a vehicle from one part of the country to another, you want to make sure that you remove any accessories on the vehicle’s exterior prior to it being loaded. This includes removable antennas, aftermarket mirrors (or in the case of large pickup trucks if you can fold them in that’d be great too), anything that adds height, length or width to your vehicle should be removed. The most common thing to break during auto shipping is, oddly enough, the vehicle’s antenna, particularly those that are quite long and kind of whip back and forth (CB owners, we’re looking at you). These are the things you want to remove, more so to prevent them from being damaged than anything.

You can do your part to make sure that your car transport experience is a positive one. Auto transportation can be a pretty stressful process – you’re basically doing a lot of waiting after spending a lot of money, and this frustrates a lot of people. Even more frustrating is having a vehicle show up damaged, especially when it’s damage that could easily have been avoided if you’d taken a few minutes to remove a few things. Antennas that are really tall can get caught on a number of things. For instance, if the vehicle is loaded onto the bottom row of a transport carrier it could catch under one of the cars on top and snap off. Or if it’s on top it could hit an overpass and snap off. Sometimes there’s nothing a driver can do about it either, so make sure you take a minute or two and just make sure that your vehicle doesn’t have any accessories that could be broken or damaged during transport.