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Auto Transport to Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FLOrlando’s weather is hot and rainy during summer while cold and dry during winter. The weather make it a great place to vacation. Orlando is often referred to as “The Theme Park Capital of the World” as it is home to the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios Florida and SeaWorld Orlando. It is not only the theme parks who make Orlando a popular destination, there are over 2,000 lakes in the Greater Orlando area too. Because of its year round recreational activities, Orlando broke a record for hosting more than 55 million visitors this past year. Just like it is popular for tourists, Orlando is very popular for auto transporting too.

Orlando is a great place to transport your car from or to. Interstate 4 crosses through Orlando making it an accessible area for auto transporters. Because of its high visitor traffic, it is always good to remember that there might be exceptions and you will need to meet up with your auto shipper at a parking lot or shopping center nearby. In general, the residential streets are often wide enough for the auto mover to get to your address. Orlando is specially easy and fast to ship your auto because there are thousands of auto transporters who are based out of Orlando and are readily available to do your car transportation.

Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

Door-to-door TransportOnce you decide on auto transport, you will have two options as how you want your car to be shipped, either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping. Terminal-to-terminal is only recommended as a last resource. Generally, you are asked to drop off your car at a terminal located in the nearest major city. Your car will wait in the lot, usually a junk yard, until the auto mover has seven to ten cars heading in the same direction as you. The biggest downside of using terminal-to-terminal auto shipping is that the chances of you car being damaged are higher. Most of these lots are located where rent is cheaper and not in the safest areas. Terminal-to-terminal is recommended if you live in a rural area difficult for the auto transporter to come directly to you.

On the other hand, the most common used is door-to-door auto shipping because it’s the easiest and fastest way to do it. With door-to-door, if your car is sitting somewhere is on your driveway. Your car will be picked up at your residence and it gives you the chance to use your car up to the point that you’re moving. There is no need to drop off your car elsewhere. On  occasions, you would need to meet at a nearby parking lot because the auto shipper’s truck can’t fit down your street, but it doesn’t compare to the inconvenience of picking it up at a totally different city.

Auto Shipping to California

California BeachCalifornia is widely known for  their grape vineyards and for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. California’s weather usually consists of rainy winters and dry summers. It is the third largest state in the United States and is one of the most populated as well with 38 million residents. It is a popular state for snow birds who are fleeing the extreme hot and cold states. When it comes to auto transport, California is one of the best states to ship to or from.

Generally, most cities in California are great for auto shipping. When using auto transport from Northern California, it is always advised to be flexible and meet in the bay area cities such as San Francisco and San Jose. It can and it will take longer to ship from or to cities north of San Francisco as they are considered rural and are not located off of major interstates. All of the Southern California Cities are fast and easy for auto shipping because that is where I-5 , I-10 and I-405 run parallel and meet at the end of the state. So do not stress about it too much, California is a great state for auto shipping!

Shipping To Los Angeles

Los Angeles 2Los Angeles is a huge market for the auto transport industry with nearly sixteen million people. It is  one of the best truck traffic destinations in America. Los Angeles has so much to see and do, from the Venice Beach boardwalk to Disneyland, from the Pasadena Rose Bowl to Redondo Beach, from the Santa Monica Pier to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, from Orange County to the San Fernando Valley, and let’s not forget about East LA and the San Gabriel Mountains. It is a giant playground. And one of the great things about L.A. is the number of cars that need to be shipped! Well we think so anyway.

Los Angeles has one of the best climates as most days are sunny and warm with very little rain which makes car shipping that much easier. Los Angeles is the destination for tens of thousands of auto movers every year. What happens is that in the early summer people are shipping their automobiles because they are relocating to or from the Los Angeles basin. Then in the late summer the college kids ship their cars. There is a bit of a lull in late September, all of October and November, and then around the holidays people in cold weather states ship their vehicles to Southern California for the winter. Why? Well because Grandma and Grandpa enjoy the warm weather. We call them snowbirds. They return home again in the Spring, as do the college kids. And then it starts all over again. The long and the short of it is that Los Angeles is one the best markets for auto shipping!

Auto Transporting With A Full Car Battery

It is very important to make sure your car’s battery is fully charged during the entire auto transport process. By having a fully functional car battery it will ensure faster service as there is no need to find an auto shipper with a winch to load your auto. Not every auto transport carrier even has a winch, and those that do will often charge a couple hundred dollars extra if they have to use it. It’s not that easy wrestling a vehicle on to a car shipping carrier, and then off again. It is a special skill and quite frankly a pain to do. Time is money and winching takes longer. It is especially a great idea to avoid the additional fees by just simply replacing the battery or recharging it. It might sound like a lot of work and a hassle, but it actually is real easy to do.

You can remove the battery from your car and take it to your mechanic or just about any local auto part store. Most auto part stores will do the inspection free of charge, or your mechanic can do the same. You’re going to need it anyway, so better to pay $60 for a new battery and save hundreds for an auto shipper’s winch. If anything is wrong with your car battery, either they can fix it or replace it, of course accommodating your budget too. So if you are considering an auto transport service, take a moment to inspect your car and in particular your car’s battery to ensure that it will give no headaches to the auto shipper!

Auto Shipping from North Dakota

Teddy Roosevelt NPAgriculture is the largest industry in North Dakota. You can admire the beautiful scenery of sunflower fields in Trail Country. Most of the canola oil and pinto beans produced in America come from North Dakota. Just imagine, farms cover more than 90% of the state. So the population is really spread out, and when it comes to auto shipping to or from North Dakota, it is not the easiest job to be done.

Auto transport carriers usually need about seven to ten cars to amalgamate a full load and be inclined to do the job. As mentioned before, North Dakota consists of mostly farms and not that many people, so there really aren’t that many folks shipping their cars. If you happen to be one of those few waiting on an auto transport service to or from North Dakota, we highly recommend meeting the auto shipper in Fargo. There are only two major interstates that go through North Dakota, I-29 and I-94, and they both happen to meet in Fargo. So if there is an auto transporter going through North Dakota, chances are they will go through Fargo. Of course, that recommendation only goes if you are in a hurry. If not, you can patiently wait while enjoying a hike at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Shipping Your Car From Houston


The fourth largest city in the United States is Houston, which is the largest city in Texas. Houston was founded in 1836 and is now home to over 2 million people. Some famous people from Houston are Hilary Duff, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Swayze and five time Grammy winner Beyoncé! You know Beyonce always rides in style whether in her Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II or her Mercedes Benz SLR. She’s more likely to ship her car than drive it to Los Angeles or New York. If you are like her and have expensive collector cars, a great auto shipping option is to go Enclosed, which protects the vehicle from the elements.

Houston is also known for their huge Auto Auctions. Over fifty thousand vehicles are shipped in and out of Houston’s auctions annually. Auto dealers come from all around to get the best deals possible. Combined with a large population using car shipping services anyway, the added auto transport traffic from auto auctions makes it that much easier to ship your automobile to Houston. And the great thing about being on the Gulf of Mexico is that the weather is usually good, making it an easy place to get in and out almost all year long.

Auto Shipping to San Francisco

San Francisco 1
San Francisco is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and is quite beautiful at any point during the year, although the weather can be quite unpredictable. On a nice sunny day, you can generally catch a glimpse of some cool classic cars cruising around Pier 39. Known widely for the famous Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars, San Francisco is also a popular city for vehicle transports. There’s a lot of folks in the Bay Area, nearly 8 million, which means lots of vehicles being shipped to and fro.
Depending on which part of the city you live or work, the hills can make things difficult. So it’s important to keep in mind that when you’re scheduling a vehicle transport for either pickup or delivery in San Francisco, that it’s probably a good idea to be somewhat flexible with the arrangements. With lots of traffic, narrow streets, and plenty of hills, it might be difficult for a carrier to deliver your vehicle directly to your address. So the carrier may ask you to meet in a larger location that’s more accessible to bring a truck of that size and deliver your vehicle. Because weather is also so unpredictable, it’s important to inspect your vehicle thoroughly on arrival after it’s traveled through the sun, fog, rain, or storms, to be sure that it arrives in good condition. As long as you can be a little flexible with your vehicle shipping arrangements, the whole transport process should be a breeze.

Auto Transport To Texas Tips and Tricks

Texas 4The state of Texas is not only the second-largest state in the Union (after Alaska), it also ranks 2nd in the U.S. in total population. With its location in the southern U.S., it’s popular year-round, thanks to the lack of snow come the winter months. There are a lot of different major metro areas in Texas as well, spanning from Austin and Dallas to El Paso and San Antonio, and a lot in between. Texas is one of the most popular states for car shippers to move vehicles into and out of because of this, which will ultimately help you save some serious money and some real time on your auto transport experience.

Typically when shipping into or out of Texas any car transporter will want to run through major metropolitan areas. Since the state of Texas is so large, there’s a lot of open, empty space, particularly along I-10 west of San Antonio. Auto shippers like to run along routes that not only have a string of major metro areas along them, but also areas that are easily accessible – for instance, El Paso sits right along I-10, but there’s nothing around it for miles that anyone is shipping to. This will likely make the price into or out of El Paso a bit more expensive, as it’s not altogether that popular of a car shipping destination, despite its size and location. The nice thing about Texas is that auto shippers can access most of Texas year-round; snow in many parts of the state is rare, particularly the eastern areas where most of the major metro areas are situated, which ultimately helps keep your transport prices low.

If you’re looking for more information about transporting a vehicle to or from Texas, you can fill out our free online quote request form to get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you within the next hour. You can also call our toll-free telephone number to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer questions you may have, get you a free auto transport quote, and help you with all your vehicle shipping needs. For more information about the state of Texas, you can visit the state of Texas’ official website.

Car Shipping To Colorado In The Winter

Few places on earth are as beautiful as Colorado. The air is clean. The Rocky Mountains reach up and touch the sky. Everybody who lives there feels lucky to do so. But man oh man is it ever hard to ship a vehicle to Colorado in the winter!

Now can you imagine why that might be? Of course you can. It snows a lot. The roads are slippery. A car shipping hauler might have several vehicles on his back and he risks damaging some or all of them going through the Rockies. And guess what, there’s more vehicles shipping in the winter to Florida, Texas, Arizona and Southern California. So what choice would you make as a driver? And that’s what many do … they go south where it’s warm.

There are some car shipping companies who are willing to do it, but they sure want paid more for that run. And it might take longer to even put together a full load from just about anywhere to Colorado. Complicating matters further, the car shipper has a bit of a problem once he has gotten to Colorado and unloaded. He now needs to fill up with eight to ten cars going in some direction, preferably home. But that might not happen for him. What often does happen is that he ends up going thousands of miles out of his way simply because that was the best business decision. So as beautiful as it is, don’t expect anything to happen fast either leaving or coming to Colorado.