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Auto Shipping Tips to Portland

Auto Shipping to PortlandThe city of Portland, Oregon is a beautiful city nestled along the banks of the powerful Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest. The largest city in between Seattle and San Francisco, the city of Portland is known for being a major metro area in an otherwise rural region and is a rather popular transport location, particularly along the west coast. Many carriers will run routes to and from Portland from California or Washington or other states nearby, but transporting a vehicle cross country to Portland may be a bit more expensive than other cities along the coast given the difficulty of getting there for some carriers, though this depends on the route.

Typically carriers running cross country trips through Portland will usually do it in a circle – they’ll run along a southern interstate (say, I-10) all the way to California, where they’ll hop on I-5 going north which will then take them through Portland and into Washington State. From there they can usually catch I-80 or I-90 and then head east through the northern parts of the country before hitting I-95 on the east coast and then heading down to Florida, where the route starts over again. This is an example, but it’s a prominent one because carriers running through the Midwest into Portland will usually go by way of Salt Lake City, where they can catch I-84 into Portland. This route goes through more rural areas, however, with fewer major cities along the way and further distances between them, which means fewer pickups and less money being made. Keep that in mind when searching for quotes to transport a vehicle to Portland, and you can also visit the city’s official website for more.

Tips for Shipping Cars to Illinois

Car Shipping to IllinoisThe state of Illinois may not be the most popular of auto transport locations at a glance – what with its rural makeup outside of Chicago and a few other smaller metro areas, Illinois just doesn’t scream “populated” the way that a state like California does. But the fact of the matter is that Illinois is home to Chicago, one of the top five largest cities in the United States, and it is this one city that makes the state of Illinois so popular. The Chicago metro area is home to over 9.5 million residents and also has several major interstates running through it, including I-94, I-90, I-80, I-65, and I-55.

Of those, perhaps I-80 and I-90 are the two most heavily-traveled east-west interstates through the northern parts of the country. This makes it easy for carriers to transport vehicles to and from Chicago, and because of its size many carrier companies are actually headquartered in some of the outlying bedroom cities surrounding it. This makes it even better because they can run routes out and back again without having to charge an arm and a leg. Outside of Chicago, cities like Springfield, Champaign and Rockford all connect to Chicago via interstates, which makes it even easier for carriers to run through many parts of the state and, indeed, the country, as they are quickly able to transport vehicles from one location to another and keep their trucks piled high with loads. Check out Illinois’ official website for more information.

Tips for Transporting Vehicles to Florida

Vehicle Transport to FloridaThe state of Florida is perhaps the most popular auto transport state in the Union – and if it’s not, it’s darn close. Florida is a prime location for most auto transport companies simply for the fact that so many people are moving into and out of the city on a nigh-daily basis. With so many metropolitan areas along both the west coast and the east coast. Tampa sits on the east and is serviced by I-75, which connects to most of the major cities west of the Appalachian Mountains, while the entire eastern seaboard is serviced by I-95 – and I-95 is really where it’s at.

I-95 is the main corridor along the entire east coast. It runs from Miami all the way to the Canadian border in Maine and is a popular auto shipping route especially, given the fact that many carriers will run routes from the northeast to Florida during the late summer, fall and early winter – if you didn’t know, that’s the snowbird season, which is one of the most lucrative in the industry. Snowbirds, during the fall and winter months, make up close to 60% of all customers, which makes I-95 a supremely popular route. It passes through most of the vacation cities in Florida as well – Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Winter Haven, Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Daytona Beach – not to mention various metro cities in other states, such as Savannah, Richmond, D.C., Baltimore, Boston, New York City, Hartford – the list goes on and on.

Car Shipping Tips for a Toyota Prius

Car Shipping Toyota PriusWhen you’re looking for quotes to ship a Toyota Prius, you’re going to find you’re in luck. The Prius is a smaller sedan that was designed to be spacious yet small – Toyota is especially known for getting the most out of the interiors of their vehicle without sacrificing their smaller compact feel. The Prius does a remarkable job of this, and what’s great is that while the Prius comes in multiple models chances are any variation in design among them won’t change your auto transport prices, at least on the whole. You should definitely make sure that you have the year, make and model of your vehicle on hand when searching for quotes, but whether it’s a or a really doesn’t make much of a difference.

You’ll want to make sure you don’t have it washed when you transport it, because that dirt and grime will really help protect your exterior from the little dings and nicks that come from moving quickly along the open highway. Being on a transport truck will definitely help protect your vehicle, as it’ll be up off the road and there will be supports and the cab of the truck to block most things from getting up into its grille (so to speak), but there’s still the possibility of something minor happening that could leave a mark. By keeping your vehicle dirty, you’ll essentially be shielding it from a lot of those smaller things. Check out Toyota’s official Prius page for more information about their vehicle.

What to Know About Auto Transport to New York State

Auto Transport New York StateThough home to the largest city in the U.S., the state of New York does not have the largest population of the 50 states; however, it is one of the most popular auto transport locations based on volume, which makes sense, you know, considering New York City and all that. New York state is divided into several regions, at least in terms of auto transport, and they all differ in terms of price and carrier availability. For starters, you have the New York City metro area, home to over 12 million residents. Carrier availability is high to and from the area, considering how big it is, though you will probably have to meet the carrier on the outskirts in a major shopping center or large parking lot, so they have room to maneuver their truck.

You then have the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse line, which is located on the southern banks of Lake Erie in the westernmost part of the state. All three are serviced by I-90, a major east-west interstate during the summer. Due to their location, they see severe winter weather almost every year, which in turn drops carrier availability as few carriers are willing to risk their trucks in the frozen wastelands of western New York. Upstate New York is perhaps the most expensive to ship to, though, given its remoteness; once you get north of Albany there are few major metro areas along I-87, which makes for a lonely and expensive transport trip, especially given the fact that it ultimately ends at the Canadian border and the carrier will just have to turn right back around. The cheapest place to ship in New York will likely by New York City, though we do recommend talking to a shipping representative who can explain in more detail the carrier availability and pricing in and out of anywhere in New York.

Auto Transport to Dallas Tips

Auto Transport to DallasWhen you’re transporting a car down to Dallas, Texas, you’ll find that it’s going to be a lot easier if you’re shipping from a major city along a major interstate. Dallas is a major metro area in the state of Texas, and more to the point it’s a popular auto transport location not only because of its population but also because of how many interstates run through it. Every major interstate in Texas, save for I-10, runs through Dallas – and I-10 connects with I-20 in west Texas, which makes it easy for carriers coming from California to easily reach Dallas via I-20 (I-10 runs down to San Antonio and then east into southern Louisiana).

Dallas is also easy to get to from the northern states, as it sits right along I-35. I-35 connects several major metro areas in the Midwest together, including Dallas, Oklahoma City and Wichita, and is easily accessible via I-40 and I-20. This makes it even easier for carriers to plan routes around specific interstates, cities, or both, as carriers like to do. Most of them run routes based on the interstates that they want to travel along – for instance, some carriers only run routes within Texas, but will use various interstates including I-10, I-20 and I-35 to get from one major metro area to another. Knowing more about where you’re shipping from and to will help you better cope with changes and will lead to a better transport experience overall.

Tips for Transporting a Car to Los Angeles

Auto Transport Los AngelesLos Angeles is by far the most popular auto transport location on the west coast. As the largest city east of the Mississippi River and the second largest city in the U.S., this isn’t surprising, and during the spring and summer months Los Angeles in particular is a popular auto transport area for many people. Its climate, geography and ease of access also help to make it a popular location for carriers to operate in, out and around; with close to 12 million people in the Greater L.A. area, it’s a prime location to find new loads and makes a great end point for cross-country routes.

During the summer prices typically go down when shipping to Los Angeles from just about anywhere east of it, which definitely makes it easier when it comes to finding affordable auto transport services. Carriers look forward to hitting L.A. in the summer, as there’s almost always a crunch for carriers that are heading back out – so carriers will go there on the cheap and then, once demand is high, take loads that are going on their route at a premium price. Transporting from L.A. in the summer can be fairly expensive, and carrier turnaround is quick so customers who are paying more will usually be the first to get out of L.A.

Vehicle Shipping Tips for a Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew CabThe Chevy Silverado 1500 is the smallest of the Silverado line of pickup trucks that Chevy has made almost a permanent staple of their vehicle lineup. Transporting a Silverado 1500 is typically done via a standard open auto transport carrier, as the stock Silverado 1500 is generally small enough in size and weight to fit nicely on the back of a standard carrier. Typically you will pay a bit more to ship a pickup truck, as they are naturally heavier and bigger than a standard car; however, the Silverado 1500 should not be that much more expensive to ship, and well less than the 2500 and 3500 variants that Chevrolet also sells.

You should tell your auto transport representative if your Silverado 1500 is modified in any way. Many people like to add a lift kit to the smaller 1500’s and make them a bit bulkier and bigger, but this can have adverse effects on your auto transportation. Too big a lift can cause your Silverado to be too large for a standard truck; any vehicle that can’t fit on a standard carrier will have to be shipped via a flatbed carrier, which are much more expensive and much harder to find. Even if it has hardly made a difference, you should always inform your auto transport rep of any modifications you or someone else has made to the truck that is being shipped.

Auto Transport Tips for a Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer 1The Ford Explorer is one of the most popular sport utility vehicles on the market today, and has been in continuous production for over 20 years now. The Explorer is the epitome of versatility, size and convenience, and has routinely won awards for its smart design, surprising amount of hauling capacity and cargo space, and overall power and engine capabilities. The Explorer comes in several different designs and varieties, and these different designs can alter the size and weight of the Ford Explorer. Most car transport companies shouldn’t have any problems transporting something as small as a Ford Explorer – it’s no Ford Expedition, which is their larger SUV – but it’s still something that you need to know a bit about.

The Ford Explorer will likely come with a small oversize vehicle shipping fee; most standard SUV’s today do, because they’re heavier, larger and bulkier than even a large sedan. However, they shouldn’t be too exorbitant; most SUV’s that are the same basic size as the Explorer (which is the good majority of SUV’s today) will come with only a nominal oversize shipping fee. This fee is typically built into the price that you will be given by your auto transport representative, so it won’t really make a difference either way. We just feel you should know that because of the extra size and weight of a sport utility vehicle, carriers will more often than not charge more to transport an SUV than a smaller car on the same route.