All-Pro Auto Transport

How and when do I pay for my auto transport?

All-Pro Auto Transport offers a very comprehensive, no hassle form for payment, when shipping your vehicle. Upon placing the order, we ask for a small deposit, which is deducted from your total amount.  This can be done over the phone by credit card, check by phone, or you can send a money order to our office.   Our friendly representatives will help you through this process.

After we assign a carrier, the remaining balance is due to them upon delivery.   If the logistics don’t work for you, you can pay them upon pick up instead.  The final payment is due to them in either cash or money order.  When we assign the car shipping carrier, you will be emailed with the carriers information, so you know who to make the money order out to.  A receipt will be given to you for our deposit, as well as by the carrier for the final payment. You’re all set!

Do prices change on shipping my car throughout the year?

There are many factors that contribute to how a vehicle is priced for transport. It is very important that each vehicle is priced accurately, so they do get transported on time. Pricing for auto transport generally depends on the pickup and delivery locations, and also on the size and weight of the particular make and model vehicle.

There are also a couple causes for changes in vehicle pricing throughout the year. Gas prices fluctuating, and seasons changing are the main contributors to the change in price for transporting a car. When the volume of cars either increases or decreases in a particular area, the price of transport will change accordingly. If you are shipping to or from a very rural area, or transporting a very large and heavy vehicle, the pricing tends to run a bit higher.

It is best advised to book an order no longer than one month in advance, to ensure  the shipment is priced accurately, and everything runs as smoothly as possible.

What happens if something happens to my vehicle during shipment?

If a vehicle is damaged during auto transport or due to drivers neglagence then one of 2 things will happen.  If the damaged done to the vehicle is less then the carriers deductable then the carrier will most likley pay for the damage out of pocket.  If the damage exceeds the deductable or is totalled, the carrier must file a claim with the insurance company that the policy is under.  All insurance info will be submitted to the client upon request if the carrier isn’t corroperating to solve the damage problem.

All carriers need to have Motor Truck Cargo Insurance to ship a car. It covers your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged due to causes such as fire, collision, or striking of a load.  Carriers will not be responsible for any damage done during car shipping to the vehicle due to weather or acts of god.  If your vehicle is caught in a hail storm and damaged, that is not covered.  So lets hope for good weather!

What can I pack in my car when shipping it?

When shipping your car, we ask that you limit your personal items to 100 lbs or less of NON-valuable items, stored in the trunk of your vehicle.  These items can include, but are not limited to bedding, clothes, linens, etc.  If your vehicle does not have a trunk, please confine your items to the back area of the vehicle, out of view.

Keep in mind that due to temperature changes/minimal air circulation during transport, we request you do not include items that may be harmful to your vehicle or people.  Nothing that has the potential to be flammable, release fumes, or “go bad” during the transport.  (We do not want your vehicle blowing up.)