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Auto Transport Discounts

Many auto transport companies provide special discounts to customers who fit certain criteria. This is done as an incentive for customers to book their transport with them, and some companies provide extensive discounts that they may not always advertise, so it’s best to ask if you feel that you are entitled to a discount whether or not your specific shipping company has a discount for you. Read on to learn more about common discounts that transporters give and how you can maximize your savings the next time you transport a vehicle.

Any time you are searching for transport quotes and looking to get a discount, it’s best to call in to the shipper’s office for a quote as opposed to just filling out their quote form online. If you’ve already gotten some quotes from different shipping companies you can call them up, give them your quote number and let them know you’re in need of a discount. One of the most common auto transport discounts is the military discount. Many auto transporters try to entice our men and women in uniform to ship with them through discounts for military membership, and many shippers only require a military ID number or something like that to give you a military discount.

Another popular auto transport discount is the multi-car discount. Instead of shipping three vehicles with three separate companies, book all three with the same shipper and save money on each vehicle. This is how multi-car discounts work and how they try to sell you on them. They’re a great way to save a bit of extra money by combining the transport of multiple vehicles on one truck.

Many auto transport companies like to take advantage of the late summer and early fall months by providing discounts to students who are going away to college, and will offer student discounts for transporting your vehicle back to campus. In a world of rising student debt and inflated tuition costs, saving a bit of money on your auto transport can be a great way to keep some cash in your wallet when you go back to school.