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Auto Transport Companies

The auto transport industry is made up of several different types of companies that all provide some type of service related to auto transport, but what each one does and what they can do for you varies greatly. There are three main types of companies: auto transport quote providers, auto transport brokers and auto transport carriers, and in this helpful and informative article we’ll break them down for you so you can recognize each and take advantage of the services and the help they can provide you.

Your first stop, when searching for auto transport services, should always be an auto transport quote provider, like us. They’re a one-stop shop for auto transport quotes, and more often than not quote providers will have a lot of useful information on their websites that you can use to learn more about the auto transport industry and what you’re going to be looking at come transport time. They are also a great way to save time when searching for quotes, as they can get you multiple quotes at once, which you can then pick and choose from to find the right company for you.

The company that you should be dealing with most often is the auto transport broker, though. Brokers are great because they make things so much easier for customers and carriers alike. Brokers act as advertisers for carriers, finding them customers that they can transport vehicles for, and they help customers by quickly finding carriers in their area that would be willing to pick their vehicle up and transport it. Carriers don’t have time to do all that work, so they rely on brokers almost exclusively to find them loads to transport. Brokers should always be the companies that you book your shipment with.

Auto transport carriers are the backbone of the industry. They are the physical transporters, and if they did not exist your vehicle would not get transported. They are on the road anywhere from 10-14 hours a day and do not have time to sit and talk to customers and answer questions all day long, and they certainly don’t have time to spend at a computer trying to advertise or send out promotional e-mails to attract customers - they have to drive! It’s how they make money. So they rely on brokers to do all that. You will speak to your carrier most likely right before pickup and delivery, and that’s about it - but that’s the way it goes, and it’s honestly how they prefer it.